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Melbourne Sightseeing is some of the Most Stunning in the World

Melbourne, Australia is home to some of the most stunning natural wonders, in the world from the cave tours to the beaches that go on endlessly, to the botanical gardens and stunning skyscrapers, this location is prime territory for the adventurous traveler. Melbourne sightseeing is not limited to one element of the landscape. Hot air balloons are a popular choice whether you are looking to look down on the beautiful expanse of wine country, the lights of the city, or the stunning beach and ocean views. The ocean waters are a deep blue and the beach sands are pure and beautifully sun kissed. Some of the most stunning rock formations dot the coastline and there is a broad abundance of wildlife that can be easily seen from the air.

Nearby islands offer a rare glimpse of the Australian penguin and all the antics of these little entertainers. From above one might also truly enjoy the beauty of the ocean floor, coral reefs and other changes is the depth of the water create beautiful patterns only visible from the air. This effect is maximized at sunrise and sunset. For the truly adventurous you can take a skydiving trip that will put you over the beach where you will enjoy the views while freefalling and then land on the pristine beaches. Though I would definitely suggest this option only for those who are really comfortable with heights.

Melbourne sightseeing can be taken to a whole other level literally as well. There are amazing sights to be seen in the caves of the Yarra Valley and another location that caters to more experienced cave explorers. With small pathways through an underground wonderland full of caverns, rock formations, spectacularly adapted and strange cave wildlife that looks alien to those who have never experienced them makes this underworld a whole new experience. For those looking for something different that is sure to be remembered, this might be the perfect addition to your holiday plans.

If you are staying closer to civilization and want options that are easy to get to without leaving the city center, there are two awesome opportunities right there for you to enjoy. The Eureka Skydeck and Melbourne star wheel provide views of the cityscape from safe and enclosed spaces. The Skydeck has a unique glass viewing deck that provides views from below your feet as well. If you have ever wondered what it feels like to stand on air, this is your chance to experience it first hand.

As you can see Melbourne sightseeing is very diverse and no matter how adventurous or conservative you are, something will be just right for your vacation. Your days and nights can provide completely different experiences as well so you may want to book twice at different times to fully discover just how phenomenally beautiful and special the views of Melbourne can be. Whether above ground from way up in the sky, from the top of the city’s tallest building, a 400 foot high Ferris Wheel, or from deep under the ground, Melbourne is the answer