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Tips for A Cosy Bedroom – Simple and Easy

Everyone would love to have a bedroom that looks and more importantly feels like it is in a fancy hotel. To achieve this it may seem like it’s a lot of hard work or a lot of expenses, when in fact it can be achieved in a less expensive manner if done right. From the colour coordination to the little ornaments and the right kind of bedding, you will be able to have something that is both picture perfect and super comfortable. Here are some tips and tricks to do just that.

Colour That’s Just Right

All whites are a great way to bring in that hotel feel immediately. It is in fact one of the most widely used colours for most hotels. It not only is easy to clean but it also gives the sleeper a feel like they are sleeping in the clouds. Although many would imagine that it’s hard to keep whites clean, but with little care and plenty of good detergent and bleach you will have bright white sheets all the time.

Thread Count Is Something You Want To Count

Look for products that have at least three hundred thread counts. This makes them most comfortable. And make sure they are all cotton. Most microfiber types don’t allow you to breathe thus will end up making you feel hot and icky. So look for breathable and soft crispy types.

Layers Make the Difference

You will need to get a good quality fitted sheet, flat ones and also soft comforters and a fluffy duvet. When making the bed you will have to have all of the layers on top of each other to bring you that hotel feel. You can look for instruction on how to make the bed. There are many different options available so choose something that works best for you.

Go Big If You Want To

If you want to add that cherry on top, try getting a feather bed. No one ever complains about the bed being too fluffy or too soft. So go ahead and invest in a large fancy bed and sleep those tiring nights away in ultimate bliss.

The Deco for the Room

Now that you have all these things set correctly, you need to get the lighting right. Have adjustable lights for the bedroom. This way you will be able to turn it up and down depending on whether you want to sleep with a little dim lighting or you want to read something in bed. Whatever you decide to do you can. You should also consider adding a side table to place a night lamp, some emergency items if need be and a water container. You may decide to add a vanity mirror and place a dressing chair to make the room look truly elegant and stylish.

The Flooring

Having thick carpets is a great way to have the room feel totally cosy, or you can opt to have partial carpets or large bedroom rugs. These are also a great way to create a spacious looking room.