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Five Perfectly Delightful Looks For Your Bedroom

It’s almost the New Year and this means that many of us will be redecorating in the festive spirit. If you are doing this too, you might be wondering about what kind of new look you can give your bedroom. Depending on the kind of look that you choose, you will need to do a little bit of shopping to get the perfect colours and textures. Here are some great new looks that will help transform your bedroom in a jiffy. See if they will work for you too.

Desert Vibes

Do you love the vibes that you feel if you were walking through a desert with the sun in your hair and the wind on your face? Then pick out something that will help you transform your bedroom into the warm and earthy tones of the desert. You can even give it a nice preppy edge by installing bed covers that have images of potted cacti or other earthy tones in your room. It does not have to be all brown though. You can use reds, coppers, russets, ice pinks and similarly toned warm colours that are not too bright to bring in diversity to this look. The more colour that you will use, the more vibrant and unique the look will become but make sure to stay true to your desert look.

All On Board?

How would you like to walk into a room that has a hint of the sea and the sun in it? A sea is a place that most of us love and find relaxing. You can bring the same feeling into your personal space with the clever use of colours. Even psychologists say that blues and greens in lighter tones will help relax the mind so you can use them to your advantage. Incorporate the use of green and blue shades with whites in your space to create a feeling of being out at sea. If your room happens to have full-length French windows, this will suit the space even better.

How About Outer Space?

We are talking about bringing outer space to your bedroom. Many children will love this look especially because they find galaxies rather interesting. Use material that has realistic starry prints and colours that resemble the night skies to help nurture that inner astronaut in your child’s mind.Dark blues, indigo, purple and navy shades can help add to the sense of depth and you can put on some glow in the dark galaxy décor above the bed so that when your child lies down to sleep they have a lovely image of the universe smiling down at them from above.

Go Boho

From flowers to dream catchers to doodle art decorate your room in the unique undertones of bohemian glam that will give you a sense of tranquillity and abstract simplicity. Boho décor is rather popular now and with good reason.

Mellow Grunge and Sugar Skulls

Do you have that taste for the edgy and grunge-oriented look? Match it up with pastel coloured sugar skulls on your fabrics to add that mellow depth that will really balance it out.