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3 Handy Tips for Labelling Moving Boxes

If you have a big move coming up and you want things to go as smoothly as possible, there are a few things you can do to ensure this will happen. The first is hiring professional Melbourne removalists to take care of the heavy lifting, transporting and logistics. The second thing you can do is make sure you label your boxes using a logical method. From color coding through to using a numerical system, there are many different ways you can label your boxes, with each system having its own benefits. This article will explore the different methods of box labeling that are commonly used and provide some handy tips that will help to make your move a success.

Colour Coding

Colour coding is a simple and effective labelling method that Melbourne removalists will thank you for using. To colour code your boxes, all you need is a set of different coloured dot stickers. Once you have a selection of different coloured stickers, simply assign a particular colour to each room of your new house. For example, you could assign yellow for the kitchen and green for the living room. The next step is to then stick corresponding coloured dots on all packed boxes. Once the job is completed, the Melbourne removalists you’ve hired can place the boxes in the rooms they’re intended for. A good colour coding tip is to stick a coloured dot on each side of every box. This way, the movers won’t have to move the box around if the coloured dot is placed on a side that’s obscured from view.

Number Coding

This system is ideal if you want to keep track of specific items and be able to quickly retrieve them. Number coding involves the creation of an inventory list that specifies which particular items are packed in a certain numbered box, and where boxes with certain numbers will go. For example, you could assign numbers 1 through 10 to the kitchen, and on your inventory list under box number 1, you could write cutlery. This way, the removalists know that boxes labelled 1 to 10 will go to the kitchen, plus you’ll know exactly what’s in each of the boxes. This system is particularly handy when you arrive at your new home and need to find the box that has the kettle and teabags in it!

Detailed Labels

Another method that can be helpful is attaching detailed labels to your boxes. This method is great for both yourself and the removalists, but it will take longer than the previous two methods. To make detailed labels, you’ll need a handful of A4 sized sheets of paper and some marker pens. Attach a sheet of A4 paper to the top of each box and write the name of the room the box will go in as well as a list the box’s contents. If you prefer, you can type out the list using a computer and print the sheets of A4 paper ready to attach – this method is recommended if your handwriting is messy.

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