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Boardroom Tables – Buying Guide

Boardrooms are a place in your office where most of the meetings will take place. You will hatch up new ideas and solve problems. This is also the place where you will try to impress your clients and pitch them your ideas. Therefore it is necessary to put an effort while designing your boardroom.

Boardroom tables are the most important part of your boardroom as it the place where you will sit around and work your way up the business ladder.

When you will go out to buy boardroom tables you will find yourselves surrounded in variety of choices. Here is a buying guide that will help you decide what will best suit your boardroom and serve your desired purpose.

Rectangular Boardroom Tables

Rectangle is a very classy shape for your boardroom table. It will also give you a lot of place to accommodate more people, approximately up to 12. So if you are looking for a large seating capacity then rectangle is the way to go.

Round Boardroom Tables

Roundtables are the best choice if you have a smaller boardroom. It takes up less space and is best for offices where team work is promoted because it gives a more close knit experience than a rectangular table in which hierarchy can be easily defined by the seating arrangement.

Boat-Shaped Tables

It is close to rectangular tables; best for large and spacious rooms and provides a lot of room to accommodate more people. If you looking for a classic look but do not want to go for a rectangular table then a boat-shaped table is your answer. As it will serve both the purpose of filling the large space and giving it classic but contemporary look.

Modular Tables

Modular tables come in a lot of shapes and sizes and can be used for training as well as bedroom purposes. The best part of modular boardroom tables is that you can arrange them into different styles depending on the usage of the boardroom. You can have different setting for interviews, group activities, or meetings with clients.
After deciding what kind of table you need, do your homework and look for stores that will give you best prices for boardroom tables.