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Not Sleeping Enough? Why You Need To Fix That

If you were to just take a walk down the streets and ask people about how they slept the night before or even over the past week for that matter, you will find that around 90% of them will say ‘badly’. And by that they mean definitely less than the required 8 hours, or in some cases barely any hours at all. As much as it would be easy to simply look at past this and think it will be alright, actually it might not. You see lack of sleep can be attributed to a lot more than that caffeine fix you had before bed or the extra heavy slices of cake you had after dinner. It could signal the onslaught of sleep disorders or already existing ones. These include but are not limited to insomnia, sleep apnoea and narcolepsy, all of which need to be tended to by a professional. This is why it is important.

Severe Health Issues

Though you might not see it outwardly at first, there is a lot going on inside your body when you are sleep deprived. In fact, many medical tests that have been conducted show an extremely high rise in the probability of diabetes and strain on the heart especially. Although you will not be exempt from illnesses now and then even if you get 8 hours on a daily basis, you will definitely be able to battle them with far more resilience. You might have heard about sleep deprivation causing many health problems, however it is likely that you have not acted on it. It is never too late, so tweak your lifestyle habits to make more room for a sleep schedule you can follow.

Weight Control

Although this is a much bigger problem for those who might be overweight or even obese, weight regulation is a problem that affects everyone when they do not sleep as much as they should. This is actually a hormonal issue; leptin, which is a hormone essential for controlling weight gain is behind it. In short, if you are tired and have gone a while without sleep, you will find yourself gorging on many different types of food through the day. That is because when leptin drops due to a lack of sleep, you tend to feel hungrier than normal. Worst of all, you do not crave healthy foods; you want the greasy, bad-for-you stuff. You can look at professional treatment for help or a night shift sleep positioner and other aids.

Better Concentration

There has been at least one time when we felt far too sleepy to attend that important meeting or appointment, or straight up just fallen asleep in our seat. Sleep is directly related to better memory, mood and concentration. There is no way you can focus when your brain feels like a cobweb coated in dust on a rainy day. You need to get the sleep required for your age (which differs depending on which bracket you fall into) so you can live a more fulfilling, higher quality life.

Live Well

You work hard, spend countless hours at the office and running between things that are all to help you lead a better life; so why skimp on this? By sleeping well you will be able to more than half the issues in your life since you have more energy and better analytical skills. Never assume that you can catch-up on missed sleep as many people so wrongly believe. If you want to truly live well, sleep well.

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